How to find happiness?

How to be happy?

Wow. What a big question! I bet I'm not the only one who ever ask this question. We all want to be happy...but do we know what make us really happy?
Take a minute to think about what makes you really happy!
Have you ever think that buying a new car will make you happier or buying a bigger house?
Once you buy your dream car..the happy moment last maybe a week and suddenly your nice car became your new reality and nothing change in your heart...we can't buy happiness. 
I'm not saying that I'm 100% right... I know we all have a different vision of happiness, But for me Freedom = Happiness.
And...Money can give us freedom ;) 
We can find happiness everyday in small things & achievements. 
Personally, I am truly happy when I know I'm making progress in the gym, in my personal life, in my business, in my MMA career.
I know it takes a lot of discipline, but at the end of the day this discipline brings me long term happiness. 
Keep Striving!


Jennifer Corb.

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